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In 2011, my teenage daughter came up to me after a my Band gig and said "you know daddy you sing just like Jimmy Buffett." I had only played one Buffett tune out of 40 or so songs within the set that night, It was the song Margaritaville. I had no clue she even knew who Jimmy Buffett was. Weeks later I was promoting my Classic Rock Band to a club owner and realized that it was going no the end of the conversation I thought, why not mention the fact that I was working on a Jimmy Buffett Tribute band. The fact is, I was not , it just popped out. Well you could have knocked me over with a feather. He got really excited and proceeded to tell me that Jimmy Buffett was his favorite artist. He tells me to e-mail him when I get it together. After that conversation, it did not take a whole lot of motivation to get me started. I rushed to the Howard County Library and asked for every Buffett CD they had. About a week later I get a phone call from the Library, your CD's are in. When I showed up at the Library, I remember seeing a huge stack of CD's on the counter. There must have been over 30 CD's! I had no idea that Jimmy had been putting out albums since 1970. To date he has over 70 albums. After listening countless of hours and enjoying the sweet tunes of Jimmy, I had one more thing to follow up with, how many bands I would be competing within the area. Researching in the Maryland area, I came to the fact that there were NONE.  I proceeded to learn some 30 tunes in 4 months. The only tough part in this journey was asking my Rock Band to covert over to Buffett. The deciding factor was, more gigs to play at, more fun to have and more margaritas to cheer! I presented my enthusiasm and passion to over a dozen clubs and bars to date spreading the word of my "Ultimate Jimmy Buffett Band." Now we have accomplished more we could have hoped for, opening for Jimmy Buffett himself, performing at OC Springfest and having a mention on 101.1. We are so very blessed, but we owe it all to our dear friends and family and fans who love to groove, move and jam with us. We hope to see you at our next event! Margaritaville awaits. 

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